Shoeboy´s Gel Heel 2259

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11,95 €
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  • Relieve Joints and Spine
  • Also Suitable as a Light Heel Lift
  • Reusable
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The super-soft gel heel cushions by Shoeboy's Gel Hee provide you with immediate cushioning and optimal shock absorption with every step. They are the ideal solution for alleviating heel pain and relieving joints and the spine. The high-quality gel material ensures effective shock absorption, reducing pressure points and ensuring a comfortable walking experience. The gel heel cushions perfectly conform to the shape of your heel, offering you a custom fit. In addition to their cushioning effect, Shoeboy's Gel Hee gel heel cushions are also suitable as a light heel lift. They help balance the shoe and can assist in minimizing foot discomfort. The non-slip surface ensures that the gel heel cushions securely stay in place within your shoes without slipping. They can be easily used in various types of shoes and are reusable. Experience instant relief and optimal comfort for your heels with Shoeboy's Gel Hee. Reduce pain and feel a newfound sense of lightness with every step. Invest in your foot health and give your heels the care they deserve.

Manufacturer: Shoeboy´s
SKU: 5622
Item weight‍: 0,05 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height )‍: 12,70 × 7,00 × 2,30 cm


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