Vans is an American brand known for its comfortable and stylish shoes, especially its classic Slip-On and Old Skool sneakers. The brand was founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren and has since built a loyal following in the skateboarding and surfing scene. Vans shoes are popular among skateboarders, surfers and young people in general due to their sturdy construction and fashionable design. However, the brand also has a wide range of other footwear on offer, including high-tops, boots, sandals and moccasins. Vans also has a strong connection to the art and music scene, and has done numerous collaborations with artists, music groups and filmmakers over the years. These collaborations have helped make Vans a brand that is rooted in the skate and surf scene as well as pop culture. Overall, Vans is a brand known for its comfortable and stylish shoes, its connection to the skate and surf scene, and its collaborations with artists and music groups that are appreciated by both young people and adults. Translated with (free version)