Bufalo Velour Cleaner

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Removes stains and dirt from all sensitive leathers, especially light suede and nubuck leathers, as well as all other materials, with easy abrasion.

  • Suitable for all suede and nubuck leathers
Currently out of stock

Bufalo Suede Cleaner is the perfect solution for removing stains and dirt from all sensitive leathers. This cleaning agent is particularly well-suited for light suede and nubuck leathers but can also be used on all other materials. With this cleaner, you can easily remove stains and dirt from suede and nubuck. Whether it's stubborn stains or general dirt, Bufalo Suede Cleaner is effective and gentle at the same time. By simply abrasively rubbing the cleaner, stains and impurities are gently removed without damaging the leather. In addition to suede and nubuck leather, this cleaner is also suitable for other materials. You can use it on various textiles, fabrics, or even synthetic leather to eliminate stains and refresh the material. The application of Bufalo Suede Cleaner is easy and straightforward. Apply the cleaner to the soiled areas and work it in with gentle circular motions. Rubbing the cleaner abrasively helps loosen the stains, which can then be brushed off with a soft brush or Cloth.

Manufacturer: Bufalo
SKU: 1630
Application area‍: Shoes
Task‍: Cleaning
material‍: Suede leather
Item weight‍: 0,07 kg


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