Siegol Waterproofing

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  • Suitable for all materials, including clothing
  • Biodegradable, toxin-free
  • 180 ml with a pump dispenser
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Siegol Waterproofing is a versatile product suitable for all materials, including clothing. With this waterproofing solution, you can effectively protect your valuable materials while also being environmentally conscious. Siegol's waterproofing is biodegradable and free from toxins, providing an eco-friendly solution for material protection. You can use it with peace of mind as it has no harmful impact on the environment. With a 180 ml capacity and a convenient pump dispenser, applying Siegol Waterproofing is quick and even. You can apply it rapidly and evenly to shield your materials from water and weather influences. Whether it's shoes, jackets, bags, or other materials, Siegol Waterproofing creates a protective barrier that repels water and keeps your materials dry. This helps them stay beautiful and retain their original quality for a longer time. Applying Siegol Waterproofing is easy and time-saving. Apply the product evenly to the material's surface and allow it to dry. Your materials are now protected and ready for any weather.

Hersteller: Siegol
Artikelnummer: 1995
Inhalt‍: 180,00 ml


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