Shoeboy's Exclusive 2267 Men's Insole

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  • This insole provides optimal comfort for the highest demands
  • The insole adapts perfectly to every foot position and does not add bulk in the shoe
  • Captures moisture in the shoe, reduces foot burning, and prevents foot odor

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Experience optimal comfort and protection for your feet with Shoeboy's Exclusive 2267 Men's Insole. This high-quality insole has been specially designed to effectively activate, stabilize, and protect the foot in the areas of the longitudinal and transverse arches, the midfoot, and the heel. Shoeboy's Orthotic Technology (SOT) ensures a comfortable grip, good blood circulation, and an optimal rolling motion while walking. This results in a relaxed walking sensation and improved movement security. The insole perfectly adapts to every foot position without adding bulk, allowing you to wear it effortlessly in your shoes. Additionally, the insole captures moisture in the shoe, reducing foot burning and unpleasant foot odor. Enjoy a comfortable and fresh feeling all day long. The Shoeboy's Exclusive 2267 Men's Insole offers you the highest comfort and supports your feet with every step. Experience a new level of comfort, protection, and movement security, giving your feet the attention they deserve.

Manufacturer: Shoeboy´s
SKU: 5616
Item weight‍: 0,10 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height )‍: 33,10 × 10,00 × 3,00 cm


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